Feels like a Kindergarten Crush

*First Written around 5/16/12* Feels like a kindergarten crush but turned out she wanted me to hush You walk by and I can’t breath I see your eyes and I can’t think Your hair, luscious as the body that it lies on Your smile as bright as the early sun but could I tell you … Continue reading Feels like a Kindergarten Crush


Right Place, Right Time

"First written around 07/17/12" Some relationships are hard, others are just shit I lay awake at night wondering if I should hit it and quit The walls I talk to give no answer just there for support I feel all gooey inside is that a sign I should abort? Sweet love dripping down from above … Continue reading Right Place, Right Time

The Relationship I Never Had

*Written around 08/16/12* There are times in life when you see a girl and her perfect complexion changes your world Some pass this up, while I stop to see beauty I’m not a little kid, it was't about the cooties I want you, with me…. I want you, to see And for a moment, I … Continue reading The Relationship I Never Had


The Main-streamers 

*First written around 07/12/12* These are the girls you see every day The girls that you see the main hallway The girls who's group is known throughout school Ones that you didn’t ask out to avoid looking like a fool The ones that seem to have the money All prepped up cuter than a snow … Continue reading The Main-streamers