Nothing Invested Nothing Achieved

Phone clicks, beeps, and vibrates the loudest when you text, my mind, can’t help but get crowed these thoughts, no part, in what I am saying delaying, response times, please don’t think I’m playing these games, no shame in the feels I’m portraying this is the only way,  to string together whats gone astray. Its … Continue reading Nothing Invested Nothing Achieved


something like a high school reunion

It is crazy to think that for years you had a grip for years I could wiggle and move but never slipped I spent time thinking about why and where I went wrong I sat alone some night, nothing in my ears but sad songs Allowing nothing in my ears because I wasn’t tryna hear … Continue reading something like a high school reunion

My Brothers

My Brothers, Hold me accountable on these days when my mind runs astray when the sky has ran grey and the softness in my heart begins to fade Lets treat the women as we are instructed mothers, sisters, wives, love uninterrupted Encourage with watchful eyes, discerning spirit to spot the lies Lets us come together … Continue reading My Brothers