My Brothers

My Brothers,

Hold me accountable on these days

when my mind runs astray

when the sky has ran grey

and the softness in my heart begins to fade

Lets treat the women as we are instructed

mothers, sisters, wives, love uninterrupted

Encourage with watchful eyes,

discerning spirit to spot the lies

Lets us come together as one

Fathers, brothers unite to guide their sons

leaning on the role of God on Earth shall we move on

with hope that our brothers will be with us to raise in song

My Lord.

My Lord give me strength to point out my flaws

give me compassion to answer when your will calls

give me strength to move forth in times of trouble

give me humility to know I am owed less than rubble.

My brothers, grow with me in faith

I pray that I take pride not as a show of mere understood strength

but rather as a sign of disease with wretched stink

that my knowledge is surpassed, my speech never a great wonder

that all glory unto me is lost, when I go down under.

So understand brothers, that as I just did

open your hearts, be filled with spirit

love me and each other as you would yourself

I pray for trials, as they worth more than strength, power, and wealth

I pray that pride turns to faith, and that capability lies solely on one

the Son.

So in ending, I ask for your companionship

A group of hands to catch me when I trip

A group of men to hold my lustful eyes forward

A group of brothers to remind me that love is the greatest of God’s orders.

– Jeremiah Jasso







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