Intro to Raw and Rewritten

This website is made for me to just blow off steam and write what comes to mind. This is the best way I found to do so.

Back in my elementary days, I wrote a series called “The Girl” I was very passionate about that series and for some reason the memories came back. I then wrote “don’t let the shades keep you from admiring the sunshine”. I really enjoyed this fictional/non-fictional hybrid of writing that I had created. I then decided to create this series “Raw and Rewritten”. This essentially stands for the fact that I don’t edit what I write, its raw and out there and secondly its a rewritten version of what I would want my “The Girl” series to be like if I still had the pages.

The main character is Nathaniel Davis, who begins as a 4th grade boy and journeys through life. As the narrator he is able to reveal what he would like as well as skip over areas he doesn’t want known. Will they come up later? Maybe, maybe not. This is just his recollection of what is going on in his life through the struggles of life, girls, and all the little things. The uniqueness is that you not only get a taste of the Nate at a specific moment and time, but a taste of where he is at the time of writing. If you do get to read, I hope you like it. If not, thats perfectly okay.

Have fun,

Snap Jesus

*P.S. There are 14 parts, so you have to scroll to down to the first and work your way up*


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