(14) Raw and Rewritten: “Run Down”

So I know this might have been a difficult series to follow. It is a lot of posts and if you don’t go in order or keep up you will get lost. I want to give a few pointers to you as a guide. Hope you enjoyed the story!

So there are 11 parts to this. 10 girls and 1 other, put in chronological order from as they appear, except for Cori. I have provided bullet points to clarify what the initials mean. I used the initials of course to prevent the identity of the girls but to also provide a theme for each girl. They all exhibited different aspects of love. Their aspects were translated to latin. This was to allow you to look it up to understand what they are. However, it symbolizes how even though I had the definition of what love they showed me, it wasn’t until I took the time to look into the relationship that it was made clear (aka translating the latin to english allowing for better understanding). This allowed me to see their role in my life and to not run away from it all.

  1. G.A. = Taste of love (gustum amoris)
  2. C.A. = Blind Love (caecus amore)
  3. I.A. = Immature Love (immaturo amore)
  4. A.D. = Gift of Love (amoris donum)
  5. A.P. = Pure Love (amor puro)
  6. F.C. = False Love (falsum caritate)
  7. M.A. = Movement of Love (motis amoris)
  8. I.C. = Unclean Love (immunda caritate)
  9. A.T. = Grip of love (Amoris Tenaci)
  10. N.A. = New Love (Novus Amor)
  11. Cori Amorteri = Cori coming from “Corazon” meaning heart and “Amor” meaning Love thus creating “Heart of Love”.

So in a brief overview, the story involves me getting introduced into love and what it actually feels like. Then dealing with different struggles such as loving too much, loving too soon and receiving love unexpectedly. This goodness peaks with a relationship that encompassed all I could ask for in love. This was followed with the deceit that can be disguised as love, a constant movement of love in and out of my life, the unclean love that devalues it. The consequence of this devaluation that resulted in clinging on to something unhealthy. This ultimately ended with a new and wholesome relationship that could have saved me had I faced all my demons beforehand. Cori fit throughout the whole story first as a separate personality that is the side most people don’t see and ending with it being fused together with me resulting in me not hiding parts of myself anymore. The titles with initials, are directly from the scribe that is present in the doctor’s office every time I tell these stories. Therefore the grammatical errors are simply due to my speech. It is meant to be raw and in the moment. The titles with the latin translation indicate a “creative writing assignment” where instead of telling the story, I write either a poem or a story encompassing the theme of that part in the series. I plan on revising this. Its a good series, and since I have performed it so many times I figure I can get parts better and more sharp. Thank you again, hope this helps!





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