Inside the Chamber

Writing is very therapeutic. The ability to simply allow the thoughts to flow outward onto a page is uniquely satisfying. I have always loved writing, yet was stirred away out of fear of criticism. Whether it be from english teachers or fellow peers, it was always hard to fully allow myself this freedom. As years went by, I found myself in several different situations; relationships, drugs, college life, God.

I started writing back in the beginning of high school. I wanted to rap, but ended up simply writing poems. I couldn’t relate to much, I was only 14 and other than relationships I had no other life experience. So I wrote about my best friend at the time, she was going through a horrible relationship and I just wanted to show her she didn’t need that in her life. It ended up writing about how I felt about her, a projection of how I felt things would be different if I was in that place. The feeling of relief flew over me, since then I just wrote about my thoughts and feelings of relationships.

As I grew up, I was pulled away from writing. Multiple things had happened to me. I was kicked out of school and was letting drugs become a ritual thing. I went through a lot of heartache and trauma through that time. As I grew up, I still dug into relationships as a means for survival. It wasn’t until summer 2016 that I really turned things around. By this time, I had experienced a full year of college, found a passion for studying drugs, reconnected with God, and went through several aspects of love and relationships. My desire to wrote began as a gateway out of negative headspace. This soon became a craft that I have grown to accept and love. I have overcome several emotions and situations. I plan on telling these stories in multiple, intricate ways. If you read these, I want to thank you, it means a lot.


Jer/Snap Jesus/The Short Mexican/Nate

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